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About Gnomeregan Tourism Board


Welcome to the home of the Gnomeregan Tourism Board (GTB). Here you'll find a repository of information on the Guild itself, as well as information about the other roleplaying Guilds on this server.

What is the GTB?

The GTB is a roleplaying Guild made to support roleplaying. It's prime concern is to make “tourists” (i.e. Roleplayers who are testing out The Sha'tar Alliance before making a final decision to stay with us) feel welcome. It also strives to provide information on The Sha'tar Alliance's roleplaying community to whoever looks for it.

What does it do exactly?

It does a number of things. As mentioned above, the main purpose of the Guild is to welcome tourists. When a tourist meets a member, or a fellow of the GTB, they will hopefully be given a nice welcome package, some roleplaying (on the house!), and plenty of information on how to get involved with the RP community. Anyone who visits this website with a GuildLaunch account is free to join up to the site, and more importantly; join in with the existing roleplaying community. They can learn more about roleplaying in general, get to know some of the roleplayers on the server, and read about roleplaying Guilds, and societies. The website will also keep track of server events.

What kind of welcome pack?

Over the course of a few player-quests, tourists will get their hands on some gold, a large bag or two, some materials to get them started in their chosen profession, and a basic vanity pet.

Why do you give them all that? What's the catch?

We want tourists to get out in the world and experience what The Sha'tar Alliance has to offer. A kind gesture at the start will make them feel at home right away, and will also give them the means to explore The Sha'tar Alliance on their own (after a push in the right direction from us!). There is no catch. Sure, we would like most tourists to stay with us, but we don't intend to force anything, and nothing has to be given back if the tourist decides to leave (after all, they might like to come back some day!).

What's wrong with the realm forums, the wiki, and in-game channels?

Nothing. They all play their part in getting information to the roleplaying public. What they inherently rely on however is that tourists, and other roleplayers have to know about them before they can visit them. GTB actively goes in-game and looks for people who want information, then gives it to them. The in-character nature of the Guild also helps with spreading the word, and lets players get in contact with a real person with active information.

How do I become a Tour Guide?

We're looking for people who don't mind giving up their spare time to go looking for tourists. You must have a very open-minded and supportive attitude to roleplaying. You do not have to be in the GTB to be a tour guide.